I'm here to make your life as easy as possible. I'm transparent about my processes and pricing so you are confident on the service you'll receive. No hassle!

Easy 10-step Process

  1. Fill in the form or make an enquiry
  2. Free 1 on 1 video or voice call (optional) to discuss your needs
  3. Accept contract and pay 50% of the fee
  4. Approve basic content structure
  5. Complete form to provide all the information required for a website
  6. I build, you review. I will revise until you're happy
  7. Pay final invoice
  8. Preparation for launch (redirect domain)
  9. Launch!
  10. Next step or Handover of site

Throughout the whole process, we can communicate via Whatsapp, SMS or email.

What's included?

  • Customised high quality template best for your business needs
  • Analytics so you can monitor how many sales or traffic you get
  • Completed QA Checklist to ensure it is performing at best
  • Stock images and illustrations (up to 5) from select website, I will select the best photos to represent your brand.
  • Responsive development meaning it looks good on both laptop and phone
  • SSL Installation so you don't get the annoying message saying it's unsafe to proceed
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Training on how to use the site


I will also manage hosting for you at good price.

I only build on reputable managed hosting sites (I use Cloudways for Wordpress and Grav CRM and for Wagtail cms, use Heroku, AWS s3) The cost covers these hosting cost and I add a little margin for admin fees.

OR, if you would like to manage the hosting yourself, I will handover everything to you after the launch.

* There is a small caveat - it is provided it does not exceed the bandwidth in a very unlikely case. I'll let you know months in advance if your traffic is significant that I need to upgrade the plan I have purchased for you.

Premium Service Plan

If you choose this plan, you can be assured your website stays fast and relevant.

  • Carry out routine maintenance,
  • Perform 2 small design or content changes*
  • Provide you with a monthly analytics update. That way you can find out how many visitors visited your website, how many converted,
  • Provide you monthly with dot points for business / website improvements

*You can request up to 2 small changes to be made to the website. For example, updating content, uploading new project/portfolio. Major design change or addition of any of the addons are not considered small changes.

Important note

  • You will need to provide the content yourself about the business. When we send through the content form, to help you, I will include guidelines on how to write the content.
  • If you would like copywriting services, let us know. I know few people who could potentially help.
  • Alternatively, if you have any brand guideline, or brochure, I can select relevant words and paste it into the website.

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